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Cedar Hills,Ut,USA

Member Since:

Feb 11, 2015



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:


400 - 54
800 - 1:57.04
1600 - 4:14.47
3200 - 9:07
3 mile: 15:15
5k: 15:26

Short-Term Running Goals:

Get back into the groove of running!

Long-Term Running Goals:

Run a Marathon
Compete at Nationals in college



Graduated from the good old LP! I am attending BYU after a 2 year LDS mission in Argentina!  

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 20.10 Month: 84.60 Year: 905.71
Bike Lifetime Miles: 128.49
Pegs 36 Lifetime Miles: 308.59
Vomero #2 Lifetime Miles: 114.64
Flats Lifetime Miles: 47.40
Vomero 1 Lifetime Miles: 314.09
Vomero 13 Lifetime Miles: 0.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Flats Miles: 2.25Vomero 1 Miles: 35.15Vomero #2 Miles: 14.07
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

easy workout before danny plaiter. mile, 1200 800. felt pretty good. rolled out my back before the workout and it seemed to help out a lot. 4:47, 3:35, and 2:16 is what my watch got us at, but they all showed a little long. cool down with clayson, mckay and jacob

Flats Miles: 2.25Vomero 1 Miles: 6.00
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Short pre-Danny Plater run! My stomach has felt a little weird the past couple days so we'll see how it goes. Excited though. 

Vomero 1 Miles: 6.05
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Race: Danny Plater (3.91 Miles) 00:19:34, Place overall: 2, Place in age division: 2
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Fun stuff! Danny Plater invite for all the non-travel guys. It was pretty dang cold so I was debating on running with my tights but I decided against it. Warmed up 2.7 then lined up to hear Danny Plater's motivation.

he said, "did any of you get my invitation to this race?"... 

we all said "no"

he said "hah, it's cuz i didn't send any!" 

then coach eyestone said set, go (like .2 seconds apart from each other)

then we ran the first 800 in 2:34, then the downhill came, and I decided to just go for it and got a little space between everyone, then the pack came back up, the rest of the race was, Shuley, Ethan Cannon, Clayson, Mckay and I. Last lap clayson put a little space between the rest of us, and with about 200 left, i kicked it in and got up really close to clayson but he held me off, then I jogged the last 5 meters in. 2nd. White team won which was my team so that was good!

3.33 mile cooldown

Hot tubed after... lol probably not good but i was just so sick of icing and decided to treat myself lol

Vomero 1 Miles: 6.03
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Had to run early because of a spanish project and just got a little excited with the pace... oh well, tomorrow I'll go nice and easy. Went on a nice trail by the trains.

Vomero 1 Miles: 9.07
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

La-Z friday. had some stomach problems and the schlumberger company wouldn't let me use their bathroom so unshout out to them for making me suffer. 

Vomero 1 Miles: 8.00
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Nice long run in the morning with the boys. Went to bed really late last night so i was kinda wrecked but after the first 7 I started feeling pretty good. 

Vomero #2 Miles: 14.07
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Flats Miles: 2.25Vomero 1 Miles: 35.15Vomero #2 Miles: 14.07
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