Utah Distance Challenge

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Cedar Hills,Ut,USA

Member Since:

Feb 11, 2015



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Freshman Year

400 - :58 4x400 JV region
800 - 2:12.60 Alpha Invite
1600 - 4:41 Region
3200 - 10:24.02 Utah County
3 mile - 16:20 Westlake Invite
5k - Didn't run it ever.

Sophomore Year

400 - :56 LP Time Trials
800 - 2:01.55 Utah County Invite (with the sprint medley team)
1600- 4:20.41 Davis Invite
3200 - 9:33.33 Utah State Championship
3 Mile - 15:20 Nike Cross Regional, 3 mile split
5K - 15:52 Nike Cross Regional

Junior Year

400: 56 Time Trials
800: 1:57.58 Region IV Championship
1600: 4:16.59 State
3200: 9:09.39* Arcadia Invite
2 mile: 10:31 Grass Relays
3 mile - 15:02 Nike Cross Region, 3 mile split.
5k - 15:37 Nike Cross Regionals

*Sea level


400 - 54
800 - 1:57.04
1600 - 4:14.47
3200 - 9:07
3 mile: 15:15
5k: 15:26

Short-Term Running Goals:

Qualify for state in the 1600 and 3200. (YES)

Get top 5 in 5A for state in Cross Country junior  (nope)  and senior year.

Qualify for Footlocker Nationals or go with the team to Nike Nationals. (YES)

Break our school record for 800 1600 and 3200.

Senior Goals:

3200 - 8:47 (sea level) 8:59

1600 - 4:05 (sea level) 4:11

800 - 1:53

Long-Term Running Goals:

Run a Marathon

Run in college--- Gonna run at BYU!

LDS Mission---- ARGENTINA Córdoba Mission!


Graduated from the good old LP! I will be attending BYU after my 2 year LDS mission in Argentina!  email is zachary.ericksen@myldsmail.net if you want to update me on your running or anything else. 

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Kinvara 4 Red Lifetime Miles: 486.64
Kinvara 4 White Lifetime Miles: 472.89
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 8.24
Pink Nike Victory Spikes Lifetime Miles: 52.66
Bike Lifetime Miles: 93.39
Brooks Launch Lifetime Miles: 762.50
Kinvara 5 Lifetime Miles: 496.00
Nike Pegasus 32 Blue Lifetime Miles: 621.53
Saucony Guides Lifetime Miles: 408.21
Endorphins Lifetime Miles: 5.35
Kinvara 6 Green Lifetime Miles: 404.23
Brooks Lauch 2 Gray Lifetime Miles: 328.08
National Spikes Lifetime Miles: 20.26
Brooks Launch 3 Blue Lifetime Miles: 98.08
Pegs 33 Lifetime Miles: 411.00
Asics Dynaflyte Lifetime Miles: 198.95
Pegs 33 #2 Lifetime Miles: 174.88
Pegs 34 Lifetime Miles: 119.42
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 71.66Barefoot Miles: 2.65Kinvara 4 White Miles: 20.60Pink Nike Victory Spikes Miles: 1.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Woooo!!!! Makes me look really undedicated.  First post and it is just 4.94 miles.  We had a slacker day today.  We played tag and it was kinda weak cuz only 8 guys played.  It is much more intense when we have lots more people playing.  Still pretty fun.  I have been sick for the past while and after yesterdays workout I needed an easy day.

Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 4.94
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Today Justin challenged me to carry a big rock the entire run.  I took the challenge and carried it the entire way.  I used my shirt to make a little bag like thing to help me carry it.  It was so tiring.  After the run we had strength training and it was really tiring.  We were supposed to do a tempo run but since I was carrying the rock I just speed up a tiny bit.  It was really great.  The rock weighed about 8 pounds.  It was a really rough run.  I was left in the back and then I never saw the other guys from their tempo turn back so I ran too far.  I ran for about 58 minutes plus strides.

Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 7.97Barefoot Miles: 0.15
Race: Utah Distance Challenge (1 Miles) 00:04:32, Place overall: 20
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

We had a race at Utah Olympic Ice Oval.  It was really fun.  I got a new mile PR.  I got second place on my team.  My foot had been hurting a little bit but it didn't bother me much in the race.  Afterwords on the cool down it was killing so I dropped off early.  It was a really fun race.

Kinvara 4 White Miles: 4.00Pink Nike Victory Spikes Miles: 1.00
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

We ran the extended mountain run.  It is a pretty hilly path on the side of a mountain.  My foot was still hurting so it was kinda hard but I was able to keep up on the run.  I didn't run on Saturday because of my foot.  Afterwards we went and ate waffles at Lil' Warner's house.  It was a good run and the last mile we were feeling pretty good so we went at a 5:20 pace.  

Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 7.90
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

We did a hill workout.  It is a 600 meter hill.  I am one of the top on the team and even though my foot was hurting a bit, it didn't bother me while we were going fast pace for the hills.  The hills were with active recovery for the whole time.  So I was pretty happy with my times.  I did them negative split with 2:03, 2:01, 2:00, 1:59, 1:57, and 1:55.  It was a good run.  We had strength training afterwards and did some sprint things as well as push ups and core stuff.  We also did some lunges and they were really tiring after the hill workout.  Overall a good run and good strength training with a little pain in my foot.

Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 6.88
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

We did an awesome modest run today.  I got chased a few times so I got a few good sprints.  I got tagged the first game because I was on mud so I couldn't juke very well.  So I was bummed that I got tagged.  But the second game I stayed alive the whole time.  I was very sore from yesterday but an overall good day.

Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 5.75
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

We did the Mountain Run today.  It was fun but really hard because two days ago really killed my legs.  When we started I was going as fast as my body would let me but I was falling behind because my legs were so sore.  When they finally warmed up I caught up and had a good run but before it was really hard.  We had strength training today and it was a pretty easy one.  We took an ice bath after that and that was freezing but now I'm feeling amazing.  Tomorrow we have our first interval workout but I don't know how hard I'm going to take it because my foot has still been bothering me a bit. 

Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 8.12
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

We did 1000 meter intervals on the track today.  It was really hard.  I hit 3:01, 2:59, 3:01, and 3:07.  The last one was so hard and it was super windy so our coach said that Lil' Warner and I should switch off leading against the wind so that made me go faster than I was able to.  The last one we hit the 400 meter mark at a perfect time.  I was leading that one but it took too much out of me.  So I slowed down after my leading was done.  I hit the 800 meter at 2:27 so that was pretty slow.  Then the last 200 I was dying so I went pretty slow in.  I was exhausted but it felt like a good first interval workout for the year.  My foot was bothering me a little so I iced it a bit and that helped it out.

Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 5.95
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Had a really awesome run.  Today the normal fast group none of them were feeling good so they were back some.  We did 2.5 miles up in the foothills but we decided to go down so we wouldn't be exhausted for our hill workout tomorrow.  Then Justin, Craik and I started running fast.  We did the first 2.5 miles in 20 min. and then we did the next 5.5 in 33.  We were raging and at some points we were going sub 5:20 pace.  Justin and I did a little more than Craik but it was a tiny bit more.  It was very fun and I felt great except my foot was hurting a little bit.  We had strength training afterwards and our coach owes lots of us chocolate chip cookies because we kept balance for the 1 leg squats while doing arm things at the same time.  The strength training is making us stronger and faster so I'm really excited about racing.

Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 8.00
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

We did 6x600 meter hills today.  It was fun.  My foot was hurting really bad going down but going up was just fine.  Our coach told us to go slower than we could have.  Lil' Warner and I wanted to go 2:00 average but our coach told us to go slower at 2:02 pace.  We still went 2:02 1:58, 2:03, 2:00, 2:00, 2:,00.  We both were tired but not super dead.  We did 15 min of warmup and cool down.  Down hills are the worst.

Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 8.25
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

I have a huge blister on my foot and yesterday's hills just made it worse so it was massive today.  It hurt a ton to walk and run with shoes on.  Barefoot it wasn't rubbing against anything so it wasn't as bad but it was still bad.  My other foot has still been hurting but it wasn't very bad today.  I've been icing it everyday for a week.  Some of us went and played soccer while the others went up the canyon.  My foot wouldn't have survived the canyon so I went with the soccer people.  We got to play barefoot which was amazing for me so it didn't hurt that bad.  Tomorrow I'm planning on doing the workout if my foot doesn't hurt too bad. 

Barefoot Miles: 2.50
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

We did 45 mins. at 6:00 mins/mile.  My foot was feeling a lot better because I popped my blister.  My other foot still hurt a little bit but not bad.  5 min. warmup and 5 min. cool down.  averaged about 7:07 on the warmup and cool down and paced almost perfectly and averaged 5:58.  It was a solid run.

Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 7.90
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Did an awesome adventure run full of hills.  We went up to a cool rock formation and then went to an awesome cave.  We then ran back down on the golf course.  It was a struggle going down because of my foot but going up was fun.  We did strength with the sprinters and they all were having major issues doing it while it wasn't a super hard workout.  We have done harder so it would be fun watching them try some of our harder ones.  I iced my foot again and it started feeling better after icing it.

Kinvara 4 White Miles: 6.00
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

We did hogs backwards today.  It was really fun going up the hills but when we got to the top I was worried about going down it because of my foot.  I was right to be nervous because it was hurting pretty bad and I slowed down a ton.  Some of the guys beat me down to bottom by about 4ish minutes.  Normally I am able to keep up with them on runs like this but I just couldn't because of my foot.  I took a shortcut back so I didn't get as much miles in but it was only by a tiny bit.  I iced my foot really well today and hopefully it will be doing better by our progression run on Monday.  I really excited for the progression run.

Kinvara 4 White Miles: 10.60
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Kinvara 4 Red Miles: 71.66Barefoot Miles: 2.65Kinvara 4 White Miles: 20.60Pink Nike Victory Spikes Miles: 1.00
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